DVD - Riviera Cocktail (2 stars)


(E) 97min (Soda Pictures/DVD Retail)


Heinz Bütler’s loving film is a subdued low-key look at the life of Irish society photographer Edward Quinn, who made his career in the South of France. The problem is that, even as Bütler talks to a few people about his photography, shows us montages of Quinn’s photos, or has jazz players in a studio playing against cinematic sized images of Quinn’s work on a screen, the filmmaker never quite justifies why we should watch the film. Who is Quinn and why does he matter? Beyond a few pictures of stars and starlets on the Croisette, and some photos of Picasso later in the great painter’s life, Quinn, unlike Cartier Bresson or Arbus, seems to be a photographer who doesn’t quite justify a full-blown documentary. Minimal extras.

(Tony McKibbin)

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