Singles and Downloads

Singles and Downloads

Anticipating the arrival of a new White Stripes or Strokes release? Well, you’ll just have to make do with a couple of self-indulgent solo-projects via respective indie-rawk frontmen Jack and Julian. While the former cult icon and his Dead Weather supergroup deliver a cod-reggae-like second single, ‘I Cut Like a Buffalo’ (Columbia) ●●● from the album Horehound, Julian Casablancas goes for a New Order/glam disco trip on his ‘11th Dimension’ (Rough Trade) ●●.

Talking of retro-rawk comebacks, say hello to Weezer and Skunk Anansie – the latter for ballad ‘Squander’ (One Little Indian) ●●●, the former’s wispy ‘Just Like Buddy Holly’ approach on ‘I Want You To’ (Interscope) ●, thoroughly nauseating. Ditto Duff McKagan’s Loaded for yet another post-GNR try-out, this time by way of simpleton-rock double-B-side ‘Sleaze Factory’/‘IOU’ (Century Media) ●●.

More ‘Monsters of Rock’ come thick and fast this week. Bypassing Serotonin’s ‘Siempre Y Para Siempre’ and Castrovala’s ‘ThugLife’, both ●●●, the best are: Nickelback/Whitesnake-esque Shinedown on ‘If You Only Knew’ (Atlantic) ●●●, Soundgarden/Fugazi clones The Chemists on the ‘Milk and Honey’ EP (Distiller) ●●●●, or Sound of Guns’ U2-like ‘Elementary Of Youth’ EP (Distiller) ●●●.

With some reservations, Single of the fortnight awards go to Edinburgh’s indie-folksters Broken Records and their Out on the Water five-track EP reissue (4AD) ●●●●● and Shona Foster’s Hard Work EP (BeachHut) ●●●●●, which ambitiously, but successfully, fuses Tori Amos with Kate Bush.

Pussy-pants Dolls Candyrock, X-Factor runners-up JLS, indie also-rans Marina & the Diamonds and the just plain dreadful Daniel Merriweather don’t deserve a mention … damn it, I just did! But if it’s classy pop you’re after, go buy ‘People’ (Lo-Five) ●●●● by unsung heroes Trashcan Sinatras – miles above the overrated fellow Scot Paolo Nutini, and his sub-Jungle Book swing dirge ‘Pencil Full of Lead’ (Atlantic) ●.

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