Kiss - Sonic Boom (3 stars)

Kiss - Sonic Boom

Rock Gods swagger in once more

It’s been 11 long years since Kiss’s last studio album. While they are rock gods across the globe only ‘Crazy Crazy Nights’ really broke in the UK, which is a crying shame as they are one of the most electrifying bands the world has ever seen. A concept beyond the mere mortals that make up the band in make-up. Here they go for full-on 70s glam stompers – no pretensions, just rrrrrrrock.

‘Russian Roulette’ in particular powers through with some killer guitar hooks; ‘Stand’ revels in its cheesy rock glory and ‘I’m an Animal’ has a certain swagger. They never truly capture the majesty of classics like ‘Deuce’ or ‘Love Gun’ but they could easily slot in alongside them.



A big old tour from the monochrome-made up rock guys, fronted by Gene Simmons. The quartet have sold over 80 million albums worldwide since the band formed in New York in 1973 and were named by VH1 in their top ten list of the ‘100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock’.

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