Biffy Clyro

Biffy Clyro

Once again, 'mon the Biffy!

The List has had a long documented love affair with Biffy Clyro. You see, from the moment we first heard stunning debut Blackened Sky in 2002 we knew the trio were onto something very special. So, forgive us for sounding like proud gushing parents when we say, we could pat their scruffy little heads for making a new record as majestic as Only Revolutions.

It’s been two years since the awesome Puzzle was unleashed on an unsuspecting public, turning the Ayrshire threesome into a decidedly mainstream proposition as the record garnered widespread rave reviews, and went on to achieve gold status in the UK. Since then there have been two top ten singles – ‘Mountains’ and ‘That Golden Rule’. So this fifth offering is a big deal, and anticipation for their live comeback is rife.

The band needn’t worry, though, these tracks are about to take Biffy to another level of fame. Only Revolutions is clean and crisply produced without losing any of the the outfit’s famous ferocity, and even more thrillingly it’s mind-frazzlingly inventive from start to finish; fizzing with ideas and choc-full of genuine lump in the throat epic moments courtesy of the grandiose brass, swirling strings and momentous choruses.

As intricate as it is infectious you’ll want to dig away at each cryptic lyric and clever musical arrangement in a just how do they do that kind of way. The trio are not just on classic Biffy Clyro form right now; they are on hands down best rock band in the world form. Nice work boys.

Barrowland, Glasgow, Mon 2 & Tue 3 Nov

Biffy Clyro

The award-winning, chart-topping Kilmarnock rockers return with their unique brand of hard alternative rock and post-hardcore. As their fans say, 'Mon the Biff!'

The Arena, Birmingham

Thu 17 Oct


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