Robbie Williams rejected Ayda

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  • 13 October 2009
Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams rejected Ayda

'Bodies' singer Robbie Williams was so scared of committing to girlfriend Ayda Field, he tried to push her away and force her to end the romance

Robbie Williams tried to make his girlfriend dump him.

The 'Bodies' singer was terrified about embarking on a new relationship when he met actress Ayda Field almost three years ago and initially tried to dissuade her from getting involved with him.

He said: "I've always been, 'You're not getting in.' I never gave anybody a chance really.

"Ayda was different. I was like, 'Do something mad so I can finish with you. Just give me a hard time. Turn into a monster. Be unreasonable. When I'm grumpy, you get grumpy, this will escalate. That frustrates me and makes me look at myself as a person.' "

Robbie admits he initially found it hard being faithful to Ayda, but he says he has now changed his ways and is fully committed to the 30-year-old American actress.

He added to Britain's GQ magazine: "When I drank I was like, 'Who am I going to be without drink?' With this it was, 'What am I going to be in this relationship? You mean I can't go off and be impressive with women for 24 hours, make them fall in love with me and then disappear?' But as the days go by it pales into insignificance."

Robbie Williams

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