Clive Owen's family balancing act

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  • 12 October 2009
Clive Owen

Clive Owen's family balancing act

British actor Clive Owen's daughters get upset by the irregularity of his working life

Clive Owen finds it a struggle to balance his work and family life.

The 'Boys Are Back' actor spends as much time as possible with his daughters Hannah, 12, and Eve, 10, but they are always upset by the irregularity of his working life.

He said: "No matter how much time I spend at home, there's always this thing underneath - that there's a possibility I might disappear again and do a movie.

"Whereas most fathers, even if they're not around that much, there's a regular routine."

In his latest role, Clive portrays a widower, Joe Warr, who has to raise his two sons alone after his wife dies of cancer, but the 45-year-old insists his parenting style doesn't match Joe's.

Referring to his character, Clive - who raises his children with wife Sarah-Jane Fenton - said: "It was a radical approach. They were thrown in this awful situation and he has to come up with a way to get through it.

"But I'm not at all as crazy and loose as that. Although I think there is an element of that to most fathers.

"I'd say we sometimes are too structured in the way that we do things and that it is important to keep loose and go with the flow a bit with children."

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