Straight talker Clive Owen

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  • 10 October 2009
Clive Owen

Straight talker Clive Owen

British actor Clive Owen reconsidered his career choices a few years ago when an outspoken Scottish taxi driver branded him a liar

Clive Owen is not a "professional bulls*****r".

The British actor was forced to reconsider his career choices when an outspoken taxi driver in Scotland criticised his work as an actor and labelled him an expert liar.

He told Details magazine: "I got in a cab in Glasgow years ago, and this quite surly cabdriver says to me, 'You're that actor, aren't you? You get paid to lie, don't you? That's what actors are, aren't they? Professional bulls*****rs.' It had quite an effect on me. "I f***ing get paid to lie. I walked out of there and I spent a bit of time thinking about it."

However, the 44-year-old hunk eventually came to a different conclusion and refused to agree with the taxi driver.

He said: "I realised I think it's the opposite - acting is an opportunity to tell the truth. I try to do that in everything I do. And whether you like a movie I'm in or not, I want you to believe me. More than admire me or think I was brilliantly skilful; I want you to believe me."

Clive's successful career has allowed him to be selective of his film choices and he will turn down a movie role if it means spending too much time away from his wife Sarah-Jane Fenton and daughters Hannah, 12, and Eve, 10.

He explained: "There have been times when it's become clear there needs to be a break. Too much working and too much going away. As things have opened up for me, I call it. I say, 'I'm sorry, you want me to do a film then? I can't do it.'

"A lot of scripts I'm reading are not very good. And these are films that are funded and ready to go - expensive movies. I think I'm being too choosey."

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