Are we done yet? (1 star)

  • The List
  • 4 June 2007


(PG) 91min


Anyone living in the deluded hope that portly rapper Ice Cube could be the next Cary Grant will have their illusions shattered by this crude remake of HC Potter’s 1948 classic Mr Blandings Builds His Dream House.

Both a remake of the above and a sequel to 2005’s one-joke yawnfest Are We There Yet? director Steve Carr’s creatively bereft venture sees the growling sourpuss and his annoying stepkids pitched into the great outdoors as the put-upon Nick Persons struggles to make the family’s new country home serviceable for his hotcha pregnant wife Suzanne (Nia Long). That means overcoming assorted wildlife (cheeky racoons, fish and birds), fixing architectural faults (breakable floors, dodgy electrics, collapsing furniture) and dealing with Local Hero-style multi-tasker Chuck Mitchell (Scrubs star John C McGinley).

Cube’s mean-spirited grimace at least provides gravitas as the indignities pile up, but Are We Done Yet? is pitched at slapstick rather than satire. It may add up to a good pay-day for Ice Cube, but it’s a bad day for anyone unfortunate enough to view such paltry fare.

(Eddie Harrison)

General release, Fri 8 Jun.

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