Katie Price's cross-dressing man

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  • 6 October 2009
Katie Price

Katie Price's cross-dressing man

Katie Price's cage fighter lover Alex Reid is a secret cross-dresser known as 'Roxanne'

Katie Price's cage fighter lover is a secret cross-dresser.

The glamour model's newest man Alex Reid is also known as 'Roxanne' and wears full make-up, women's clothes, wigs, high heels and even alters his voice to make him sound like a lady.

He has confessed his alter-ego to Katie - also known as Jordan - and she has accepted it, even telling friends: "I find it really horny."

Alex - who has been dating the mother-of-three since July - told Katie about his secret on their third date and while she was initially shocked, she is now pleased with the idea.

Katie - whose divorce from Peter Andre will be finalised this month - told a friend: "I am so fine with it. People should know me well enough by now to know that nothing freaks me out.

"If anything it just makes me love him more and shows how strong our relationship is that we are able to cope with this."

Although Katie has seen Alex as 'Roxanne', the three children she raises with Peter - Harvey, seven, Junior, four, and two-year-old Princess Tiaamii - have not.

However, Katie recently revealed Junior may follow in Alex's footsteps as he loves wearing make-up.

She said: "Junior has become a real mummy's boy, he's really clingy with me and likes me to read to him.

"He actually keeps wanting to put make-up on him and paint his nails as well! His best friend George is the same. When he comes round they just want to dress up in heels and make-up."

Katie Price

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