Sean Penn accused of kicking snapper

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  • 5 October 2009
Sean Penn

Sean Penn accused of kicking snapper

Sean Penn has been accused of battery after he reportedly high-kicked a paparazzi photographer

Sean Penn has been accused of high-kicking a photographer.

Cameraman Jordan Dawes filed a police report for battery against the 'Milk' actor saying he was assaulted on Friday (02.10.09) in Los Angeles.

Jordan told E! News: "He made a beeline for me and started kicking me in the legs.

"As I was backing away, I was still shooting. Then he got me to the other side of the street and punched me in the arm and in my camera."

Jordan said Sean had approached him as he waited with a number of other paparazzi outside the Brentwood Country Mart store and had threatened to put him "in a box", and told him he would remember his face.

A spokesperson for the Los Angeles police department confirmed a police report was filed after the incident. 

Officer Karen Rayner said: "We can confirm that a battery report involving a member of the paparazzi was taken on Friday at about 1.15pm in the 300 block of Mesa Drive, but we are not confirming the names in the complaint."

Sean, 49, previously served time in jail in 1987 for hitting a movie extra who tried to take a picture of him.

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