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  • 5 October 2009
We Like...

Demetri Martin

This week some of us are suffering knuckle-ache and eye-strain from having spent a whole weekend playing the new Batman game. An excited section of List HQ is boldly declaring it ‘the best superhero game ever’ and muttering things about graphics and Mark Hamill that we don’t all fully understand.

Others of us are enjoying the low-budget vintage glam of Scottish-based jewellery designer Rock and Rose (www.rocknrose.co.uk). Some of the former type are women. None of the latter type are men. However, we’re all united in welcoming back the world’s least annoying smart-arse Demetri Martin to the small screen.

Other things we like this week: the true confessions of a justified indie-rocker, in Joyce Atkin of Scarce’s book Aching To Be, and reminiscing about how great the KLF were. We feel it’s high time somebody else brought performance art to pop. No, not you, Gaga.

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