5 things you might not know about: One-Man Star Wars

  1. The man behind this labour of love is Charles Ross, who first went to see Star Wars with his dad in Waikiki but his obsession truly grew when he taped the movie once it aired on TV. The only other two films Ross recalls taping and watching over and over again are Shogun and The Blue Lagoon. He has yet to be convinced that turning them into a play is anything but a bad plan.
  2. The idea was germed in 1994 while Ross was playing Frisbee with a friend where the rule was to say a line from Star Wars then have a throw, and so on.
  3. The first One-Man Star Wars was performed in Toronto in 2001 and has since visited 119 cities, including a stint at the Edinburgh Festival last year.
  4. While the play is licensed by Lucasfilm, Ross is unsure whether the great man himself has seen it.
  5. Despite receiving heavy acclaim for playing all his characters, doing the fight scenes, providing various sound effects and singing the soundtrack, his impersonation of Yoda is generally deemed to be woeful. Ross himself describes it as like ‘a goblin sucking helium’.

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