Profile - Justin Berkovi


Name Justin Berkovi

Occupation Inimitable DJ, producer, remixer, live act, multi-faceted designer … the list goes on

Aye, so Berkovi’s got his fingers in a few pies. What about the music? He’s pretty hard to pin down but he likes his punishing, quirky techno and experimental electronica. Over the last decade Justin’s trodden his own path of uniquely deep, inventive, sometimes bonkers and often gruelling assaults over five solo albums, a live one, innumerable 12ins and remixes, and a fair clutch of mix CDs. In the best tradition of chin-stroking, mind-bending, stomp-inducing music, the Brightonian was a significant name in the No Future scene of the late 90s, punting inspiring techno when the genre was in a quagmire.

My hero. Shouldn’t you be dropping names? Maverick renegades work alone but all sorts have recorded for his Predicaments and Nightrax labels. Also, if you want validation that his Anglo-Detroit-Germanisms are something pretty special, the patron saint of ‘Out-There’ John Peel declared Berkovi his favourite of all techno producers, playing almost everything he released and calling him in for the musical equivalent of Eamonn Andrews/Michael Aspel’s big red book.

A Peel Session - now we’re talking. Anything else for the record? Well we should really stress that besides his penchant for super skin-tight productions and experimental structure, he’s the boffin on the freaky sound frontier. Yamaha and Roland have even procured his expertise in sound and pattern design.

Okay, now you’re just showing off. Why do we need to know all this? Figured it best to warn you he’s on his way to Scotland. His sounds might be alluring but he takes no prisoners.

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