Diesel- Motel at Liquid Room, Edinburgh, Sat 16 Jun

The X-Press 2 member performs solo and explains why house music is not dead


As one third of house supergroup X-Press 2, Diesel, real name Darren House (no really) has never held his fingers far from the pulse, be it in the studio knocking out Ibiza anthems such as ‘Muzik X-Press’ or ubiquitous chart phenomena like ‘Lazy’, or playing the cutting edge house music he loves to enthusiastic crowds the world over. ‘I like to term my music “house music” and it’s sort of everything within that - be it techno, be it disco-orientated, be it African, deep, uplifting - but hopefully with the emphasis on quality.’

It wasn’t so very long ago that there was rather a lot of talk about dance music having had its day, but for Diesel that was always just media hyperbole. ‘The thing is, things never really die, they just go underground. This is the best place really because that’s where they regenerate and where the ideas start to build again,’ he claims, careful not to put the horse before the cart. ‘Dance music had a spotlight on it for so long in the 90s, pretty much that whole decade, which is a long time. The problem is, when it is the mainstream choice, it can only go one way. So maybe I am being optimistic but dance music is really healthy at the moment, the spotlight isn’t on it and it’s allowed to just go under the radar, just slightly, and develop on its own. I don’t think it’s dead, I think it’s rejuvenating itself.’

(Mark Edmundson)

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