Simian Mobile Disco

Blitzkreig Bop vs Death Disco at the Arches, Glasgow, Fri 8 Jun


Happily enough for them, quite possibly the biggest moment in electropop duo Simian Mobile Disco’s entire career came about through no fault of their own. Of course, James Shaw and James Ford had already done the whole ‘boys with guitars’ thing as one half of the reasonably unsuccessful post-Britpop band Simian, whose career had already come to a halt when Justice’s remix of their old track ‘We Are Your Friends’ finally made it big.

To Shaw and Ford - whose career as their own tour DJs had already mutated into the dancefloor-friendly Simian Mobile Disco - it was a godsend in terms of recognition. ‘The remix had already been out two or three times,’ says Shaw, ‘so we were already pretty much sick of it by the time it got to the stage where it wouldn’t go away. But it’s fair to say we got a lot of work off the back of it, there’s no doubt about that.’

Now the NME-favoured pair’s debut album Attack Decay Sustain Release is out this month, following on from remixes for the likes of The Rapture and Klaxons (and of course Ford produced the new Arctic Monkeys long player, Favourite Worst Nightmare), and their live/DJ crossover set is much in demand at club nights of all genres. ‘At a lot of our early Mobile Disco gigs people didn’t actually know we were making electronic music,’ says Shaw. ‘So, often we wouldn’t know who had booked us, it might be a techno night, an electro night or an indie night. That meant we had to adopt a totally mixed-up style, but it also meant we had to fend off a lot of people making requests for The Strokes. It’s like, “no, bugger off, I hate The Strokes!”’

So now you know who not to ask for readers. Just leave it to the professionals.

(David Pollock)

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