Part Chimp - Stereo, Glasgow, Fri 25 Sep (4 stars)

Part Chimp - Stereo, Glasgow, Fri 25 Sep

'Loudest band in Britain' let loose

The term ‘Cult Following’ is thrown around all too easily these days, but it begins to prove apt as the dimly-lit bowels of Stereo, wall to with head-banging disciples, are thrust into perpetual noise this evening at the hands of Part Chimp. Previously described as ‘The loudest band in Britain’, the London quartet’s initial demeanour is somewhat deceptive; appearing rather modest and even somewhat mismatched as a unit. When they let loose, however, their presence is amplified ten-fold, demonstrating a real knack for bone-crushing grooves and technical intensity that leaves all those in attendance tonight either rubbing their eyes or holding their ears (perhaps even a bit of both).

Singer Tim Cedar, dressed fully in resplendent paramedic green, seems an unlikely monster of a man, but at his peak, he punctuates the band’s ambitious assault with some truly earth-shattering shrieks. Touring in support of their much-lauded new album, Thriller, tonight’s performance verges on much the same calibre, save for a few obligatory tech troubles. The only real disappointment comes when the band return post-show to turn off the feedback.

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