Miss The Occupier - Bar Bloc, Glasgow, Wed 30 Sep (4 stars)

Miss The Occupier - Bar Bloc, Glasgow, Wed 30 Sep

Small crowd, big entertainment

‘We are Miss the Occupier, but most of you already know that,’ says the enchanting Roz Davies, the band’s pink haired front-woman, and unfortunately, this is probably true. It’s a sparse crowd indeed, but the music certainly isn’t lacking from this Glasgow trio. ‘All Night’ is a fluid jamboree of guitar wizardry and succulently saccharine vocals, whilst ‘The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things’ is a bonafide stand-out, with snaking bass and a spinningly orchestral sounding instrumental section.

As their short set peeters out, the machine-like energy of the drumming usurps all and marches to the forefront, showing that despite perhaps not knowing it in this tumbleweeded venue, each member seemingly plays a pivotal part in making this subtly stylish band tick.

When the last crash cymbal is hit and the final note is played, the glass wall separating these three musicians from the crowd has been cracked. Hands come together in applause and heads bob in considered appreciation, showing that tonight, Miss The Occupier’s performance to a small crowd may not quite have been in vain.