Fanfarlo - King Tut’s, Glasgow, Wed 30 Sep (4 stars)

Fanfarlo - King Tut’s, Glasgow, Wed 30 Sep

Bowie loves them. And so should you. Or you would if you ever caught Fanfarlo’s awesome folk punch live.

Relocated to King Tut’s from the ABC, the smaller stage is ideal for a band so positive about the communal experience, especially when the crowd is in an upbeat festive mood thanks to brilliant support from Swedish siblings, First Aid Kit.

It’s not hard for such sentiments to continue when their ramshackle cacophony – heard before in Okkervil River and Port O’Brien, but never so politely – is so easy to rejoice in.

That politeness comes from the softer Swedish roots of the band, complementing the powerful American folk as voices never become overpowered and the stories come through loud and clear.

Thankfully, there’s an epilogue too, as the calls for encore lead to First Aid Kit returning to the stage beside the headliners for a Devendra Banhart cover played with suitable amateur aplomb.

It’s a fitting end to a set that remains unpolished, but still irresistibly eager and free from the pretension alarms that most boy/girl/mandolin affairs set off. Bowie has taste. (Thomas Meek)

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