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  • 2 October 2009
Music Websites

The List staff reveal their favourite sources for discovering new music

The Hype Machine (
An oldie but a goodie. Trawl blogs from around the world here, stream new bands and normally stumble across tons of fresh remixes. Set aside a long skive break, as it can get quite distracting. (Claire Sawers)

Pitchfork Media
America’s original uptight, snooty home to all things alt. Elitist, but that’s what makes them great. (Mark Robertson)

Want a daily smorgasbord of new music but can’t be bothered lifting that mouse hand to find it? This generous website offers non-commercial (and legal) MP3-sharing for bands and music fans. Sign up and they’ll send you a link to a new MP3 everyday.
(Suzanne Black)

Mixcloud (
Recently launched site that aggregates radio content including DJ mixes and podcasts. Marketed as the YouTube of radio, yet no lolcat-based shows yet? (Jonny Ensall)

Boomkat (
Just like the record shop you were always too nervous to go in and ask for stuff in case you sounded stupid, but now it’s online. This is a tremendous portal for new underground music of all kinds, the focus still on the bleeps and beats but straying out into anything remotely challenging from dubstep to to old school psychedelia. (MR)

La Blogotheque (
Bands passing through Paris play a take-away concert, or a concert à emporter as they call it here. Watch your favourite indie weirdos unplugged, and being awesome: Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, Grizzly Bear, Tom Brosseau, Dirty Projectors etc. (CS)

Song By Toad (
Matthew Young’s influential Edinburgh-centric music blog is incredibly well stocked with reviews, ramblings, sessions and beautifully recorded gig footage. The blog has now become a record label, playing host to releases by Meursault, Eagleowl and Jesus H Foxx. (Laura Ennor)

Readers Recommend Index
The Guardian’s Readers Recommend blog gets about a zillion comments every week. Some of the readers have now set up a website cataloguing every song that’s ever been suggested for it, arranged by artist, theme, song or date. (LE)

Amazing new indie stuff form the US plus a few familiar names. New band each day, new session from each day replete with lovely illustrations and great wee cartoon strips. (MR)

All Hip Hop
US news source for all your rap needs. (MR)

Wax Poetics
The website of the quarterly book/journal/magazine that celebrates soul music of all kinds from rap to jazz to funk and beyond. (MR)

Metal Hammer
British metal mag has great news feed, likes to champion new faces as well as featuring the rock establishment. (MR)

Said the Gramophone
A truly unique Canadian Music blog - the writing is lyrical and imaginative and its relation to the track often tenuous, a result of the very personal nature of the three bloggers' responses to the music they post. A fascinating picture trawled up from the depths of the internet accompanies every post, too. (LE)

Fresh Air
Ok, so I would say this because I'm involved in running it, but Fresh Air is a pretty awesome student radio station – at times. Our music policy is so free that we get some truly awesome specialist shows from people who really know their stuff, and also a lot of people championing local bands. (LE)

Flavor Pill
Covers new music as well as clubs listings for techno and electro nights, arthouse films and left-field books. Nice writing and critiquing. A bit London-centric (no Scottish page yet, as it's mostly US and London stuff) but good for staying in the loop. (CS)

SPIN Earth
Video blogs from music fans around the world, showing you what the techno or synthpop scene in Tel Aviv or Seattle is, or going backstage for interviews with bands. (CS)

A bit of a behemoth with a ubiquitous internet presence, but if you can get over the their whole mantle of authority schtick this is still an undeniably brilliant resource for finding a bit of background on pretty much any band. Just don't always trust their star ratings. (JE)


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