5 Things You Might Not Know About: Alistair McGowan

5 Things You Might Not Know About: Alistair McGowan

1. McGowan first started impersonating people at school. During an early stage appearance in West Side Story, he went marginally off-script to mimic some of his teachers.

2. He studied English at the University of Leeds, an establishment which has spawned other comedic talents such as Barry Cryer, Dominic Holland, Jeremy Dyson and Mystic Meg.

A keen campaigner on green issues, he and Emma Thompson are among the Greenpeace activists who bought land which was earmarked for the third runaway at Heathrow.

4. He has recently recorded a sitcom pilot for Radio 2 alongside Michelle Gomez. The Sharp End is based on a consumer watchdog radio show.

5. All of his amazing impersonations of the English footballing world (Becks, Sven, Motty, Shearer, Kieron Dyer for pity's sake) appears to have come at some personal cost. He recently admitted that he split from fellow mimic Ronni Ancona over his total obsession with the game, recalling how he'd often go to the theatre with a football programme in his pocket and spend hours analysing attendances on Ceefax. It comes as quite a surprise, then, that he and Ancona have now co-authored a book entitled A Matter of Life and Death Or How to Wean a Man off Football. Which sounds a lot like therapy and/or revenge.

The Old Fruitmarket, Glasgow, Sun 18 Oct.

Alistair McGowan

Everyone's favourite impersonator shows off his wealth of famous faces. Part of Perth Festival of the Arts 2011.

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