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  • 4 June 2007


The best books, comics & events

(Pictures: © Shami Gee)

The Debut Authors Festival The third annual beanfeast for literary virgins arrives with another strong line-up. The weekend events have titles such as ‘Escaping the Day Job’, ‘Love Against the Odds’ and ‘The Dark Imaginings of the Mind’ and among the writers taking part are Guy Grieve, Jonny Glynn (pictured), Lynsey Hanley and Steven Hall. Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, Fri 8-Sun 10 Jun.

Joan Lingard The Edinburgh writer will be chatting about her latest work, After You’ve Gone, which centres on working class life in the city during the 1920s. National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh, Wed 13 Jun.

John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra If you’re a massive fan of Judge Dredd, you may well be wondering about his origins. Wonder no more as this tale traces his footsteps alongside mutants, clones and the last ever American President. See review. Rebellion.

Dave Eggers The innovative man who first came to attention with his Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, brings us his most audacious effort to date. What is the What is a literary memoir of Valentino Achak Deng, a man who fled the war in Sudan only to find a different kind of misery in the USA. See review. Hamish Hamilton.

Torsten Krol An enigmatic release from a shadowy figure, Callisto features a hick who gets involved in strange events which change him from a simple civilian to public enemy number one. See review. Atlantic.

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