5 of the Best: eReaders

5 of the Best: eReaders

Your guide to electronic books

Kindle 2
Expect wireless download times of less than 60 seconds a book when the second incarnation of this machine finally hits UK shores. Amazon’s dreaded DRM means no chance of sharing the 1500 possible titles it can hold though.
Currently only available in the US through www.amazon.com, although a UK release is rumoured to be imminent.

WordPlayer for Android
Although it had teething problems with book formatting and scrolling pages, this app is one of the most popular and most promising on Android (Google’s mobile phone). One of the simplest e-reader formats on offer, where a page can be turned with just the flick of a wrist.
Free to download from www.word-player.com

Sony Reader, PRS-600 Touch Edition
Store up to 350 tiles on the reader’s inbuilt memory, or add a further 16GB of storage – a whopping 13,000 ebooks – with an SD card. The nifty touch screen makes things easier too, though the glare may get infuriating on a sunny escape.
£249.99 from www.sony.co.uk

Bookeen, Cybook Opus
One of the sleekest and sexiest e-readers on offer, the Cybook Opus is half the weight of a Kindle, and comes with an easy to read high-res screen and 1GB storage capacity. SD card support too means this is perfect for your pocket.
Availabe from Pixmania, Waterstone’s, WHSmith and Dixons in the UK, priced at £199 complete with 75 pre-loaded titles.

Interread, COOL-ER ereader
The flashy British competitor in the market has been called the budget Kindle, and with eight pretty colours to choose from and MP3 support, it appears value for money. A lack of wireless and poor controls have infuriated a few, however.
Priced at £189 online and through select UK distributors including Argos and Borders.

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