Comics - See New Worlds (2 stars)


See New Worlds (DC Thomson)


See New Worlds is part of Dundee’s contribution to the Six Cities Design Festival, designed to ‘regenerate a sense of pride’ in the city’s history of comics.

Set in 2037, the rather jumpy plot centres on a computer programmer called Amaya, who wanders aimlessly through a history simulator her mother has created - a virtual Dundee through the ages - in search of a mysterious virus. She encounters luminaries from the city’s past - scientist Sir Philip Cohen, botanist Patrick Geddes, and, cutely, the two gents who created Lemmings (I was holding out for William McGonagall but no joy.) Page space is limited, so Amaya’s condensed encounters presume a huge amount of specialist knowledge about each figure, which is at odds with the often patronisingly simplistic language and flat jokes. As a piece of promotional material it’s novel and visually arresting, but not enough attention has been paid to the story to make this work as a stand alone comic.

(Kirstin Innes)

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