Big Man Walking

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  • 2 October 2009
Big Man Walking

Say hi to the 8-foot blue giant

Take to the streets to welcome The Big Man, an 8-foot blue giant created by Scotland’s own Puppet Lab with support from the Scottish Arts Council’s Inspire Fund. Celebrating Scotland’s ancient Myth of the Giant, The Big Man will walk the streets of Scottish towns and villages, interacting with locals in ways ancient and modern – from the old-fashioned handshake, to the oh-so-now Twitter feed. Be sure to give him a wave as he passes by.

Buckie, Sat 17 Oct, Invergordon Tue 20 Oct and Inverclyde, Fri 6 & Sat 7 Nov.

Big Man Walking

The Big Man is pretty big: eight metres to be precise, and for one day only he's living his life on the streets of Kirkcaldy. After breakfast in the Town Square at noon (giants need a lot of sleep) he'll be walking around the town, accompanied by storytellers, musicians and performers.

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