Del LaGrace Volcano

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  • 2 October 2009
Del LaGrace Volcano

Questioning gender definitions at the sh[OUT] exhibition

The recent media furore surrounding the gender testing of South African 800m athlete Caster Semenya suggests that society still has a very rigid, black and white view regarding what it means to be male or female.

As the debate over Semenya’s future rumbles on, queer photographer Del LaGrace Volcano, whose pioneering works over the last 20 years include Love Bites and The Drag King Book takes to the Glasgay! stage for a talk entitled ‘Representing Intersex in Art & Culture’.

The event complements the artist’s contribution to the sh[OUT] exhibition, and addresses the question of who has the power to define what makes us male, female or intersex.

Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow, Thu 8 Oct.

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