The Rise of LuckyMe

The Rise of LuckyMe

Dominic Flanagan

David Pollock charts the rise of LuckyMe from conception to the present day

While the LuckyMe collective has its roots in Glasgow, its co-directors Dominic Flanagan and Martyn Flyn have both recently returned to their home city of Edinburgh. The pair became friends working in the Leith branch of Tiso when they were still at school, and kept in contact when Flanagan moved to Glasgow to study at the School of Art and Flyn relocated to Ireland. Frustrated at the lack of good Glasgow hip hop nights in comparison to Edinburgh, Flanagan started his own at the old Stereo in the West End in 2002: one of the DJs was the 16-year-old Ross Birchard aka Hudson Mohawke, and the name of the night was suggested by Flyn in conversation. It was called LuckyMe.

Since then, the reputation and membership of the brand has increased, the founder members inviting those who share a similar musical sensibility, as Birchard explains, ‘that hip hop isn’t just about loads of guys nodding their heads, it can be a party too’. LuckyMe now incorporates producers, rappers and designers, reflecting Flanagan’s art college training. ‘We’re essentially a record label,’ he says, ‘but we also function as a design consultancy too. Most of the work we do at the moment is self-originated, though, and that involves all of our record sleeves and flyers.’ LuckyMe also runs its own club night in Glasgow, Ballers 5ocial Club (B5C).

Exclusive LuckyMe Mixtape

As well as answering our questions LuckyMe supremo Dom Sum has produced a stellar mix to showcase the best of the collective’s talent, including Hudson Mohawke, Rustie, American Men, The Blessings and many more.

It’s exclusive to The List and it’s free to download, only from our website:

Ballers Social Club: Jamie Vex'd

Jamie Vex'd, Rustie and Darkstar join the LuckyMe DJs, who play a mix of hip hop, dubstep, techno and more.

Ballers Social Club: Terror Danjah

Dubstep, grime and garage from Terror Danjah (Planet Mu), Greena (Night Slugs / ApplePips) and Jongerre (Baddermanz). They join the LuckyMe DJs, who play a mix of hip hop, dubstep, techno and more.

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