Comics - Living Dead Glasgow No 1 (3 stars)


Living Dead Glasgow No 1 (SGM Publications)


This issue we wallow in the world of Scottish comics and writers. From blood dripping output like this and thought provoking arty independent comics from favourite Malcy Duff, through design projects to John Wagner (OK he was born in the US, but raised in Scotland) and Brit comic icon Judge Dredd.

So lets kick things off with the overly gory outpourings of Living Dead Glasgow. An unashamed tribute to the films of George Romero, as zombies run amok in Glasgow. Packed to the gunnels with lashings of gore, blood, intestines and cheeky Glasgow humour. Weaknesses in plot and art are easily papered over with an eager to please enthusiasm. To order your copy log onto

(Henry Northmore)

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