The Fiery Furnaces

The Fiery Furnaces

Looking forward to the dynamic indie sorts

Don’t second-guess Brooklyn-based sibling duo The Fiery Furnaces. Since forming nine years ago, the Friedbergers have set forth a flurry of wildly divergent records, including a collaboration with their choir-singing gran. The coming months will see the pair release a ‘silent record’ songbook and the first fruits of their fan-inspired Democ-Rock record. A band who often confound as well as charm, it’s something of a relief that August-released eighth album I’m Going Away is their most accessible to date.

‘We wanted to do a more casual record, one you could play in any order, where you didn’t have to hear the previous song for it to make sense,’ says vocalist Eleanor, whose husky, Dylanesque intonations ground the record’s buoyant piano melodies and sizzling, 1970s rock hooks.

‘It’s certainly more tangible than anything what we’ve done before,’ joins multi-instrumentalist Matt, his voice echoing around the London bathroom where the pair are talking just a couple of days after playing to 17,000 Elbow fans at Manchester’s MEN Arena. This gig will be markedly more intimate than that show, with Matt forgoing the ivories for a guitar, while the album’s crisp, funky rhythms will be provided by drumming mainstay Bob D’Amico and bass-playing Sebadoh dude Jason Loewenstein who also produced I’m Going Away. Rather than the career-spanning medleys and disorientating snippets of previous shows, these gigs promise to feature more conventional sets.

‘We wanted a change of pace,’ says Eleanor. ‘Our gigs can be like crazy sporting events, so it’s good to do straight-up rock shows where people know when to clap.’

Nice’n’Sleazy, Glasgow, Sat 10 Oct

The Fiery Furnaces and French Wives

Pop from the margins from the Friedberger siblings who once recorded an album with their grandmother.

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