Six Reasons To Go See: Bowling For Soup

Six Reasons To Go See: Bowling For Soup

1 They do pop punk how it should be done
No skinny jeans and emo lyrics here – just average blokes, toilet humour and huge choruses.

2 The guitarist usually takes his shirt off
And he’ll probably be the fattest bloke you’ve ever seen. Watching him jiggle is mesmerising, but beware – he has been known to crowd surf.

3 There’s no chance you’ll be the drunkest person there
Singer Jaret Reddick once said he’d never get a normal job because he wouldn’t be allowed to be drunk at work and guitarist Chris Burney says being in the band is like having a 15-year hangover. They might be Yanks, but they can hold their booze.

4 You’ll feel like you’re in high school again

Reddick might have graduated in 1990, but according to him, High School Never Ends. But the best thing is, since BFS are all pretty ugly, there probably won’t be any actual high schoolers at the gig.

5 They have deep lyrics
Not really, but you’ll be able to identify with them. If a girlfriend’s dad has ever chased you with a shovel and you too are wondering when Mötley Crüe became classic rock.

6 You might not get another chance
They’re in their late 30s, have wives and children and shy away from mammoth tours. Plus they eat enough junk food and drink enough booze that an early grave surely beckons.

Bowling For Soup, O2 Academy, Glasgow, Sat 17 Oct.

Bowling for Soup, Suburban Legend and Orange

Over-14s show. Dumb punk pop played by big guys.

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