Curve Foundation Dance Company

Curve Foundation Dance Company

When Peter Darrell choreographed O Caritas in 1974, it was to ‘express the senselessness of violence’. Thirty five years on, the late founder of Scottish Ballet would no doubt be horrified to see how little has changed.

Having staged two previous Darrell works, Ross Cooper of Curve Foundation Dance Company was keen to tackle a third – and found the piece sadly appropriate for today’s conflict-ridden world. ‘The reason Darrell choreographed O Caritas in the first place,’ says Cooper, ‘was to highlight the innocent victims of war and conflict. And because of that, I felt the piece was very pertinent just now. So the video imagery has been updated and the costumes re-designed from flares to skinny jeans.’

Darrell’s piece is part of a diverse triple-bill programmed by Cooper, featuring Close-up by Nederlands Dans Theater dancer Fernando Hernando Magadan, and the UK premiere of Ohad Naharin’s Passo Mezzo. Last seen in Scotland with his company Batsheva at the 2008 Edinburgh International Festival, Naharin is a major choreographic force – and a real coup for Curve.

‘We’ve been developing relationships with established artists for a long time,’ explains Cooper. ‘Because not only is their way of moving the most articulate, but their choreography is also the most enriching for the dancers. So, having worked with Merce Cunningham and William Forsythe in recent years, the most obvious choice seemed to be Ohad, who poses a completely new set of challenges for us.’

Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh, Fri 9 & Sat 10 Oct, then touring

The Curve Foundation Dance Company

The Brunton Theatre's resident dance company presents a triple bill of works by choreographers from across Europe: the highlight is the UK premiere of Passomezzo by Ohad Naharin, though works by Fernando Hernando Magadan and Peter Darrell also promise to impress and delight audiences.


Aberdeen's festival of contemporary dance sees the city burst to life with a series of dance performances, films and workshops. Featuring performances from Scottish Ballet and Scottish Dance Theatre as well as international choreographers Colette Sadler, Ian Spink, Sue Hawksley and Anthony Mills. 'Part of DanceLive 2010.'

The Curve Foundation Dance Company Workshops

Workshops in modern dance and ballet led by the dancers and choreographers from the Brunton Theatre's resident dance company ahead of their performance at the Ryan Centre. The Monday workshop is for beginners and the Wednesday is for more advanced dancers. Participants qualify for reduced price tickets for the performance…

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