Katie Price cages Alex's sex drive

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  • 29 September 2009
Katie Price

Katie Price cages Alex's sex drive

Katie Price ''isn't interested'' in having sex with cage fighter Alex Reid, putting pressure on their fledgling romance

Katie Price hasn't had sex with boyfriend Alex Reid for a month, according to reports.

The glamour model - whose divorce from Peter Andre will be finalised next month - has lost her sex drive, with Alex concerned the romance has already gone out of their relationship.

A source told Britain's New! magazine: "Alex is getting really frustrated because Katie's not interested in having sex. He has a really high sex drive, so always tries it on when he finally gets into bed with her. But she just gives him a cuddle – nothing more.

"Katie's started telling him to come to bed an hour after her, which has left him feeling really put out."

Katie, 31, has also upset cage fighter Alex by criticising his appearance and fashion choices.

She is determined to convince him to have surgery to fix his "cauliflower ears", which have been left misshapen due to his violent career.

The source added: "Jordan pokes fun at Alex for not having a day job and calls him a loser. She thinks he needs surgery on his nose and ears. Her put-downs make Alex feel inadequate and he has admitted he's constantly treading on eggshells around her.

"When they first started dating, he always wore tracksuits and open-toed sandals, and she said she was embarrassed by him. So she made him throw out all his old clothes and buy a new wardrobe."

Meanwhile, it has been claimed Katie is leaving Peter voicemails of her singing ballads in a desperate attempt to win him back.

Peter alleges Katie sent him a string of text messages asking for another chance, but she has always dismissed his claims.

A source told Heat magazine: "She denies texting him, but not only has she sent him messages alluding to the fact that she wants him back, she has also left voicemail messages on his mobile. In one of them she actually sang the Whitney Houston song 'I Will Always Love You'.

"It was unbelievable. Of course Alex knows nothing about it and she would never admit it."

Katie Price

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