Cheryl Cole goes Gaga

Girls Aloud singer Cheryl Cole admits Lady Gaga is her style icon and she is ''obsessed'' with the 'Poker Face' star

Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole goes Gaga

Cheryl Cole is "obsessed" with Lady Gaga's style.

The Girls Aloud beauty has been won over by the 'Poker Face' singer's eccentric style and outfits.

She explained: "If I'm totally honest with you, I never had a style icon. But Lady Gaga is right now. I think people don't see her as conventionally beautiful but, as a style icon and an artist, I'm slightly obsessed with her. She's the real deal."

Although she is often praised for her own sense of style and slim figure, Cheryl loves indulging in fattening treats and blames her tiny frame on her busy work schedule.

She explained: "Unfortunately I don't have time to exercise, but I dance a lot. When I'm on tour I think, 'Oh God, I want a couple of weeks off', but then at least you exercise. I actually prefer exercise DVDs - I can't stand the gym.

"I don't eat as well as I'd like to, cakes and biscuits are my weakness. Sometimes it will get to 3pm and I'll realise all I've had is a coffee. My mother has been giving me A-Z multivitamins. They're great."

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Girls Aloud singer and former X Factor judge Cheryl Cole performs pop and dance-pop to promote her album A Million Lights.


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