La Roux pines for Faith-ful dad

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  • 27 September 2009
La Roux

La Roux pines for Faith-ful dad

La Roux singer Elly Jackson is such a huge fan of George Michael she wishes he was her father

La Roux singer Elly Jackson wants George Michael to be her dad.

The 'Bulletproof' star admires the pop legend - who was arrested earlier this year following a car crash - so much she wishes she had grown up with him.

She said: "I love George Michael. I want him to be my dad. Even the Land Rover incident just made him more endearing."

Elly currently lives in South London with her mother - actress Trudie Goodwin, who is famous for playing Sergeant June Ackland in UK TV police drama 'The Bill' - and insists she would rather "live in a bin" than move anywhere else.

She added: "Move? I'd rather live in a bin. I've got four really close old friends, I can walk to all their houses and my sister lives in walking distance. No one recognises me here. If I lived somewhere else in London I'd get recognised all the time."

La Roux

Stark electro pop from the English singer-songwriter as she tours her long awaited second album Trouble In Paradise.

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