Jeniferever - Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, Thu 24 Sep 2009 (3 stars)

Jeniferever - Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, Thu 24 Sep 2009

It's probably something to do with them being close to the North Pole, but Scandinavians have an innate coolness.

Jeniferever take to the stage suitably decked out in skinny jeans and ethereal beauty before throwing their ambient rock to a pitifully small Edinburgh crowd. It may have be the weather - God knows winter sneaked in like an uninvited guest last week - it may be that, for a band who have been around for quite a while, they still haven't managed to break into public consciousness, or it may just be bad luck, but the Swedish four-sometimes-five-piece don't get the crowd they deserve tonight.

Sounding something like an aggressive Sigur Ros, they put on a spectacular show. 'Concrete and Glass' from their new album Spring Tides, along with the title track are driven with low-end electronics and tremolo guitar whilst 'Opposites Attract' from their debut album Choose a Bright Morning is a real highlight.

Support came from acoustic excellence incarnate Beerjacket and the too 90s throwback for my liking Midas Fall.

What a yummy Thursday.

Jeniferever play both Universal, Glasgow and the Classic Grand, Glasgow, Sat 26 Sep.

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