Olivia Newton-John's alien encounter

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  • 25 September 2009
Olivia Newton-John

Olivia Newton-John's alien encounter

'Grease' star Olivia Newton-John has revealed she had an encounter with a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) when she was a teenager

Olivia Newton-John has seen a UFO.

The 'Grease' actress claims she spotted a flying silver object which blazed across the sky at "amazing speeds" when she was a teenager.

Olivia is convinced most British people share her belief in the existence of alien life.

Describing her otherworldly encounter, the 60-year-old actress told Britain's The Sun newspaper: "I have seen one when I was very young. It was unidentified and it was flying.

"It's true that I'm intrigued by them. I have seen so many shifts in belief systems over the years.

"In England most people now think UFOs are possible. Twenty years ago, how many people would have thought that?"

Olivia is not the only celebrity to have encountered UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects).

Singer Robbie Williams is an extra-terrestrial fanatic and claims to have had no less than three encounters with alien life.

Robbie, 35, first saw a "square thing" pass 300 ft above his head as he was sunbathing in California. The second occurred as he played a song he wrote about alien contact.

Robbie also claims he saw a "big strip of black light" appear when he was in a recording studio.

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