Elizabeth Taylor wants Jackson plot

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  • 24 September 2009
Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor wants Jackson plot

According to reports, screen legend Elizabeth Taylor wants to be buried next to her late friend Michael Jackson at Los Angeles' Forest Lawn cemetery

Elizabeth Taylor wants to be buried next to Michael Jackson.

The 77-year-old actress was close friends with the late pop icon and wants her final resting place to be alongside Michael at Los Angeles' Forest Lawn cemetery.

A source told National Enquirer magazine: "After sitting through Michael's funeral service at the Great Mausoleum, with its magnificent stained-glass windows and replicas of Michelangelo's artworks, she later told friends, 'I felt a sense of peace there that I've never experienced before.' "

Elizabeth is said to be searching for a plot next to Michael - who died on June 25 of acute Propofol intoxication.

The actress - who uses a wheelchair because of scoliosis, which causes abnormal curving of the spine - did not attend Michael's public memorial service in Los Angeles, held in July, as she was too overcome by grief.

She said at the time: "I've been asked to speak at the Staples Center. I cannot be part of the public whoopla. And I cannot guarantee that I would be coherent to say a word."

In the immediate aftermath of his death, she released an emotional tribute to the 'Billie Jean' singer, saying: "I loved Michael with all my soul and I can't imagine life without him. We had so much in common and we had such loving fun together.

"He will live in my heart forever but it's not enough. My life feels so empty. I don't think anyone knew how much we loved each other.

"It was the purest most giving love I've ever known."

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