Sugar Crisis (4 stars)

Sugar Crisis - Apple Store, Glasgow, Thu 17 Sep

Apple Store, Glasgow, Thu 17 Sep

Even before they’ve played a note, the bubblegum pink guitar onstage seems like a sign that this boy-girl duo could well be about to perform a heady sugar rush of fluorescent pop.

And so it proves – the short and sweet half hour set reveals a concoction of keyboards, guitars and melodies, mixing simple lyrics and melodies and throwing a few handclaps and foot stomps into the mix.

Neil Brunton and Lorna Anthony started out making music in their bedrooms and got band name inspiration from a Manga comic. So far so Bis – not to mention their similarly DIY sound and sugar-themed tunes.

‘We’re going to do some pop music,’ announces Lorna, and inspiration for one song, she explains, covers being stuck in traffic (handily called er... ‘Stuck in Traffic’).

Combining the likes of La Roux and Belle & Sebastian, despite a slightly wobbly start to the set and a few off-kilter vocals, this may not be the kind of band to nurse a broken heart, but it will definitely satisfy a craving for instantly gratifying sugary pop.

Sugar Crisis and Bad McNulty

  • 4 stars

The headliners are a Glasgow electro pop duo.

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