Michael Sheen's daughter date

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  • 21 September 2009
Michael Sheen

Michael Sheen's daughter date

Michael Sheen's 10-year-old daughter Lily has demanded she goes to the premiere of 'The Twilight Saga: New Moon' movie, which her dad stars in

Michael Sheen's daughter will be his date for his next movie premiere.

The actor - who played interviewer David Frost in 'Frost/Nixon' and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair in 'The Queen' - admits 10-year-old Lily has only ever been excited by his role in 'The Twilight Saga: New Moon' and has demanded to go to the film's opening.

Sheen said: "Forget about playing Tony Blair. When I told her I was definitely playing vampire Aro in 'Twilight' she cried. She was so overwhelmed and annoyed that I muscled in on something that belonged to her. She's already told me she'll be my date for the premiere."

Lily is Michael's daughter with actress Kate Beckinsale, and the 'Whiteout' actress has previously admitted she is unable impress the youngster with her career choices.

Kate said: "Lily's really retro so she says, 'Oh I wish you could work with Joan Crawford or Janice Joplin.' I'm like, 'They're dead now. It's probably not going to happen.' She's into Marilyn Monroe and John Lennon and all these people."

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