David Gray hates whiny stars

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 20 September 2009
David Gray

David Gray hates whiny stars

David Gray says celebrities should be grateful of their fame and not complain about it

David Gray wants to "slap" celebrities who complain.

The 'Babylon' singer - whose previous two albums have failed to match the success of his breakthrough LP 'White Ladder' - insists stars should be grateful for fame.

He said: "When I hear people b***hing about how difficult the life of a pop star is I want to give them a slap. But I can acknowledge it's intense, the alterations to your lifestyle, the way that people deal with you, the way you see yourself, it's all profound. But most of it is in your head."

The musician has also hit out on the use of music in adverts, insisting he would never allow his songs to be used to promote products.

He added: "There's a different singer-songwriter on everything. It's depressing. An advert is only trying to persuade you to do one thing, and that is persuade you there's something you need which you haven't got, a hole in your life.

"Whereas music is doing the opposite, filling a hole you didn't know you had. The two things shouldn't co-exist."

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