Jakil - Live at The Mill - Cabaret Voltaire, 17 Sep 2009 (3 stars)

Jakil - Live at The Mill - Cabaret Voltaire, 17 Sep 2009

Jakil seem purpose built to make it. Fey, faux Fall Out Boy tones compliment the mix of trendy haircuts and relevant commercial leanings that embrace Kings of Leon’s latest ventures into ubiquity, yet don’t quite get away from the homely pop of McFly, or, shudder, Orson. There’s even a Snow Patrol type ballad thrown in for good measure towards the end to keep the older clientele happy.

Not that all this means Jakil are a band at the mercy of some cynical marketing ploy. They could so easily be moulded into tedious, pseudo-American emo pop drones, but on stage, there’s just something very real and very refreshing in their utter lack of pretension.

What’s even more impressive is just how tight they are musically. Though the songs are as complex as making a Pot Noodle, they’re all still played with near note-perfect precision, with skills as honed as the aesthetic.

More pop and polish than the usual Cabaret Voltaire clientele, but it’s clear they want bigger things. Only on their own terms though.

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