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The Malawian born comedian offers cultural ponderings in Glasgow

After snuffling around a myriad of shows on the Fringe this year, witnessing Daliso Chaponda was like finding a truffle. One of the few acts playing The Lot on Grassmarket, his hour, Westerners Calm Down: An African’s Perspective, was an intelligent, skilfully whittled show concerning his life as a comic originally from Malawi, who started stand-up while at University in Canada and now resides in the UK. It spoke of the gulf of cultural differences between Africa and the West offering a refreshing point of view on our perceived problems from the recession to weight loss.

Chaponda was last at the Fringe two years ago but wasn’t too impressed by the experience. ‘I did it as a package show; I was so miserable half the time, so this year I planned ahead and stayed away from the things I didn’t like and maximised all the things I did enjoy. So I had a great time.’ This fortnight sees Chaponda return to these parts but to a very different venue: Glasgow Jongleurs. But it’s less a case of adapting the show to a different audience, more that it will return its original form.

‘Some comedians write shows especially for Edinburgh; I just like to write shows from my weekly performances, hone them then build them into a show. That way you know they’re funny. If you can make a group in Jongleurs laugh you can make an Edinburgh Fringe audience laugh.’

Jongleurs, Glasgow, Fri 25 & Sat 26 Sep

Jongleurs Comedy Club

Four more top comedians show you lot how it's done in a beautifully varied line-up: Sean Percival, Paul Kerensa, Daliso Chaponda and Brian Higgins. Dinnae forget the dancing afterwards.

Jongleurs Comedy Club

A selection of start times this weekend gives you a few opportunities to see the line-up of Jongleurs' favourites: Martin Bigpig, Daliso Chaponda, Roger Monkhouse and Raymond Mearns.

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