The Wee Chill

The Wee Chill

Sons and Daughters

By accident more than design, Glasgow’s seven-year-old Wee Chill festival now has a spiritual home and no desire to leave it. The two-year renovation of its original venue, the Glasshouse on Queen’s Park, has brought about this conclusion, with an abortive attempt to transfer the event to Glasgow Science Centre in 2007 leading to a year off in 2008. Since May this year the twice-yearly party has been back at its first home, and it’ll be there for the foreseeable future.

‘The Glasshouse is different to any other club venue,’ says Brian Traynor, who founded the festival and has run it alongside the team behind the Sub Club since May’s event. ‘During the day it has a festival atmosphere, then at night the lighting in our four rooms gives them each the atmosphere of a totally different club.’ This year these include a Subculture room, which will be headlined by 2000 And One and Ralph Lawson, and a Wee Chill Disco with Prins Thomas at the top of the bill.

Traynor also points out that the focus will be shared more evenly between DJs and live acts than ever before, with the Hijacked Records room headlined by Sons & Daughters and featuring a bunch of local talent, while the Starla Records room (hosted by Mark Robb and live outfit The Privates) concentrates on funk and soul. With an array of high-profile local talent involved, that’s a healthy line-up for a 1000 capacity event; but Traynor says, ‘We’re happy where we are, and if we looked for a bigger venue it just wouldn’t be the same any more.’

Queen’s Park Glasshouse, Glasgow, Sat 26 Sep.

The Wee Chill

The boutique dance and live music festival features performances from Admiral Fallow, Washington Irving, The Little Kicks, Call To Mind, Poor Things, Atom Tree, Konx-Om-Pax and Lee Watson. The Wee Chill also hosts a Christmas market, record fair, short film cinema and street food cartel's Christmas extravaganza.

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