Various - Haçienda Acid House Classics (4 stars)

Various - Haçienda Acid House Classics

It was the last great musical revolution in British life so it’s no surprise that after years of fondness from those who were there at the time that another generation (what is this Generation Z?) would arrive to adopt the aesthetics, if not the revolutionary zeal of the acid house generation. Who better to guide us through such times than Peter Hook, who was Darth Vader to the Haçienda’s Death Star, a monstrous force revelling in the power and influence of the club and its music.

Here he digs out two discs’ worth of tracks that made the acid era so musically vital. So keen is he to get all the big hitters in there, the first disc plays like a veritable greatest hits, while the second highlights some of the tunes that became local classics.

(New State Music)

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