Five reasons to go and see the Pixies

Five reasons to go and see the Pixies

1 Come on, do you really need this one spelled out?
It’s The Pixies, man, alternative rock legends who formed in Boston in 1986 and split in 1993, leaving five studio albums which became hugely influential on shaping music for the next 20 years.

2 You owe them
The band more or less started the huge alternative rock boom of the 1990s, but didn’t hang around to cash in, so that while lesser bands were coining it in, the four members were all off on solo projects. Their 2004 reunion was payback time – they’ve earned it.

3 It’s 20 years exactly since the release of Doolittle ...
... the band’s seminal third album, and to celebrate they’re gonna play the entire album, plus related B-sides. ‘Debaser’, ‘Wave of Mutilation’, ‘Monkey’s Gone to Heaven’, ‘Here Comes Your Man’ – holy shit, that’s a set list.

4 Famous rock star fans
Jesus, where do we start? Thom Yorke (‘The Pixies changed my life’), Damon Albarn (‘When we started we wanted to sound like The Pixies’), Kurt Cobain (‘I was basically trying to rip off The Pixies’), David Bowie, U2, Weezer, Bob Mould and countless others.

5 Kim Deal
Coolest bass player ever. Rock’n’roll fact.

SECC, Glasgow, Sun 4 Oct.


Hugely influential indie rock, now sadly minus Kim Deal.

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