Edwyn Collins and Teenage Fanclub - Mono, Glasgow, Thu 10 Sep (4 stars)

Edwyn Collins and Teenage Fanclub - Mono, Glasgow, Thu 10 Sep

To anyone with an affinity for Glasgow’s indie music scene, this show was something beyond special. Simply surveying the local dignitaries in the crowd (Stuart Murdoch, Duglas T Stewart, Stephen Pastel, Adele Bethel, Jackie McKeown and more) was like looking at a map of the city’s recent musical history. That’s before Edwyn Collins – originator of the Scots indie style – took to the stage with Teenage Fanclub as his backing band.

The Fannies, themselves already near to a point of deification in the pantheon of Scottish pop, still looked in mild awe to be given this chance. Having convened earlier in the evening to open the nearby Trongate 103 complex with a short set in the foyer, the scratch band here played a longer set of Collins’ songs aimed squarely at those who recognised what a moment this was, including unerringly faithful readings of ‘Falling and Laughing’, ‘What Presence’, ‘Blue Boy’ and ‘Rip It Up’. ‘A Girl Like You’ and newer material still worked, although was perhaps denied the frisson of the Fanclub’s resurgent teen enthusiasm.


Edwyn Collins, Frankie & the Heartstrings and The Kinbeats

  • 4 stars

Collins returns with 'Losing Sleep', his first album of all new material since suffering a stroke, partially co-written with the likes of Franz Ferdinand, Johnny Marr and The Cribs.

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