Marshall Jefferson set for Byblos, Glasgow

Marshall Jefferson set for Byblos, Glasgow

Dance music sounded very different before Marshall Jefferson got his hands on it. In 1986, Jefferson played piano over a 4/4 beat for the first time and was told by record companies that the sound just didn’t work. The next year he produced ‘Acid Trax’ with DJ Pierre’s Phuture and inaugurated a style that was to become ubiquitous at raves and clubs across Europe over the next 15 years or so. This done, he went on to launch the careers of Ten City, Kim Mazelle and Ce Ce Rogers, and produced the hugely influential ‘Promised Land’ by Joe Smooth. This is just one of the countless records that became de rigueur after being touched by his hand. Few individuals have had such a profound effect on a musical form as Jefferson – he’s not known as the ‘Godfather of House’ for nothing.

Club manager Andy Mackenzie is proud that the space underneath Merchant Square has grown into a suitable venue for such a guest. ‘Everything in Byblos is custom built. It’s got a massive club lighting rig and an amazing sound system, built to fit in with the space itself. All of the guests we’ve had so far have commented on how well set-up we are. It’s taken five months of blood, sweat and tears, pushing the PR side of things and getting the word out there, but it’s paying off.’ At a club known for building positivity, it’s hard to think of a more fitting guest.

Byblos, Glasgow, Sat 26 Sep.

Byblos Presents

Another big night for Byblos, because Stonebridge is in town.

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