Schuh presents The New Blood Tour - Bongo Club, Sun 13 Sep (3 stars)

Schuh presents The New Blood Tour - Bongo Club, Sun 13 Sep

We Are The Physics

Even with the astonishingly reasonable free price tag, the prospect of Monday morning seems to have put many off the idea of heading to the Bongo Club for a night of what shoe companies think you should be listening to.

The half empty floor does provide space for Televised Crimewave frontman Daniel Wilson to strut about, free from the shackles of both stage and inhibitions. His stint atop of a table is sadly short-lived though, perhaps realising the songs don’t live up to the excitement he clearly feels in them.

It takes Glasgow favourites We Are The Physics to make the crowd as animated as the performers, with their sharp looks, sharp shouts and sharp riffs all making this a performance that Gillete would heartily approve of. Fun, frenetic and fiendishly amusing.
Such adages lack application for The Chapman Family however who bring the mood down with flat vocals and something of an uninspired effort to their Interpol influenced dark rock. It could be blamed on an emptying floor, but all enthusiasm drains, and even the brilliant Physics become a distant memory.

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