Exposure: Nite Jewel

Exposure: Nite Jewels

The musical project of philosophy student and artist Romana Gonzalez, Nite Jewel filter ‘80s pop, ‘90s R&B and new age music through a dreamy lo-fi haze. Following the 12” ‘What Did He Say’ on estimable avant-disco stable Italians Do It Better, debut album Good Evening has finally received a UK release on blog-turned-label No Pain in Pop.

Some reviewers have dubbed your sound ‘bedroom dance’. What would you call it?
I was in no way making this album with genres in mind. But if ‘bedroom dance’ means that what struck someone’s imagination is a girl dancing in her bedroom, that’s pretty appealing to me.

Is the lo-fi sound a deliberate aesthetic choice?
It wasn’t a conscious decision. An eight-track recorder is just so easy to use. So it’s really not a big deal. It’s just that I chose to produce my record myself, and I’m not a producer. And so it turned out kind of amateurish. The charm of it seems to be in the clear human touch.

You’ve worked with Ariel Pink. Have his bedroom pop sensibilities had an impact on your music making?
Absolutely. Before I even met Ariel I was learning from him that you can record however the fuck you want. Moving to LA and jamming with people, recording everything on eight-track or four-track, we weren’t afraid to sit down and just let the tape roll.

Nite Jewel plays Stereo, Glasgow, on Thu 1 Oct, with support from Dollskabeat, JD Twitch and Chops.

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