Ben Barnes' sexy sleep

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  • 14 September 2009
Ben Barnes

Ben Barnes' sexy sleep

'Dorian Gray' actor Ben Barnes admits he is confronted by vividly steamy images whenever he falls asleep

Ben Barnes is plagued by "weird sex dreams".

The 'Dorian Gray' actor is confronted by vividly steamy images whenever he falls asleep.

He said: "Every night I have a weird sex dream!

"I only remember the end of my dreams, like waking up at a steering wheel, or falling."

Ben has revealed he doesn't like his lovers wearing pyjamas in bed, but insists he is considerate when it comes to sex.

He explained: "I don't wear underpants in bed. They are really uncomfortable. I don't wear anything in bed.

"I like girls to wear the same as me. His 'n' hers matching invisible outfits. But I think I am a gentleman in bed."

Ben also confessed he struggled to cope with the elaborate sex scenes for 'Dorian Gray' and found stripping off in front of the cast and crew embarrassing.

The 28-year-old British hunk added: "I found the scenes staged. I said to the director, 'Does there always have to be a feather, or a mask, or some food involved?' I'm sure people don't have sex like this!"

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