Royal tribute for Michael Jackson

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  • 11 September 2009
Michael Jackson

Royal tribute for Michael Jackson

Georg Kindel, the organiser and chief executive of the Michael Jackson tribute show in Austria, has revealed a host of music stars will pay homage to the 'King of Pop' on a stage dominated by a giant crown

The Michael Jackson tribute show stage will feature a giant crown.

A host of international stars will pay tribute to the late star - who was known as the 'King of Pop' - by performing on a specially designed stage dominated by a gold crown at the Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna, Austria, on September 26.

Georg Kindel, who is organiser and chief executive of the concert, said: "The stage will be 50 metres wide with a depth of 25 metres. It has really huge dimensions. It will have a giant glass roof which will be dominated by a giant crown. There will also be a large crown on the stage floor.

"It will have the feel of a baroque theatre with boxes on the side and claret curtains. It will also have a large translucent curtain at the back."

Michael's brother, Jermaine Jackson - who is organising the event with Georg - refused to divulge any further details about his planned virtual duet with Michael.

He said: "We are saving it as a surprise. We don't want to say how it will be done."

It is believed the 'Thriller' star - who died on June 25 of acute Propofol intoxication - will be projected onto the translucent curtain at the back of the stage.

Kindel added: "We are planning to bring Michael back on stage for one last time. It will be the biggest surprise of the evening. Michael will reappear on stage. He will sing a song with his brother Jermaine. It will be a magic moment for millions of fans around the world who loved his music."

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